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Aomori's lowest boarding fee ! Foreign students are also welcome ! You can move in immediately with just a usage fee. Savor the exquisite cuisine of "guts mother" !


Aomori’s lowest boarding fee !

Narita House [NARITA HOUSE] is Aomori’s first “foreign house” !
Usage fee (rent+utilities+food)
55000 JPY.
Aomori’s lowest bording fee !
With home appliances and furniture !
Immediate occupancy with just a monthly fee !
No duarantor required ! Free Wi-Fi !
*I’m afraid we don’t accept credit cards.

*Please bring one of the following documents with your contract.
a) Passport (with a landing permit)
b) Enrollment certificate
c) Resident Card [Foreigner] Registration Card
d) Work certificate
e) Driver’s license / Health insurance card
f) Work qualification certificate

Detailed statement

Utility costs (electric bill, water bill, gas fee).
Common service costs (toilet paper fee, toilet detergent fee, etc.).
Food expenses (with breakfast and dinner in weekday).
*Sunday and holiday is closed.
High school students only – 3 days in a week – lunch service !
Total55000 JPY

Indoor parking is available !

Equipped with an indoor carport parking lot that can park up to 4 cars !
Tenant parking is free !
Parking fees are free for parents who visit and stay !


Time to university or high school
a) Aomori University 20 minutes by bicycle.
b) Aomori University of Health and Welfare 15 minutes by bicycle.
c) Aomori Akenohoshi Junior College / Junior&High School 8 minutes by bicycle / 12 minutes on foot.
d) Aomori High School 5 minutes by bicycle / 8 minutes on foot.
e) Aomori Commercial High School 15 minutes by bicycle.
f) Aomori Yamada High School 12 minutes by bicycle.

Special services unique to NARITA HOUSE !!

a) You can use our boarding bicycle for free. Moreover, the bicycle parking lot is indoor without worrying about rain and snow!
b) Fully guaranteed by the company!!Stable Wi-Fi installation and usage free!!