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Aomori's lowest boarding fee ! Foreign students are also welcome ! You can move in immediately with just a usage fee. Savor the exquisite cuisine of "guts mother" !


Guts moter’s Excellent food

A lot of exquisite dishes that “Mrs. Guts Mother” brings out !
Everyone will be suprised by the abundant variations !

Meal menu

You can have absolute confidence in your daily meal !
You can eat what you want !

Example of menu 1

Example of menu 2

Example of menu 3

Student lunch

Special offers for high school students only !
2 days a week on your preferred day, offering lunch with handmade lunch boxes !
Your mother will also be very relieved !

Example of lunchboxes 1

Example of lunchboxes 2

New year dishes

Narita House’s biggest event at the end of the year !
A special gorgeous bowl of osechi with a large board and a gift of gratitude for year-long residents !

Example of special Osechi 1

Example of special Osechi 2


Time to university or high school
a) Aomori University 20 minutes by bicycle.
b) Aomori University of Health and Welfare 15 minutes by bicycle.
c) Aomori Akenohoshi Junior College / Junior&High School 8 minutes by bicycle / 12 minutes on foot.
d) Aomori High School 5 minutes by bicycle / 8 minutes on foot.
e) Aomori Commercial High School 15 minutes by bicycle.
f) Aomori Yamada High School 12 minutes by bicycle.

Special services unique to NARITA HOUSE !!

a) You can use our boarding bicycle for free. Moreover, the bicycle parking lot is indoor without worrying about rain and snow!
b) Fully guaranteed by the company!!Stable Wi-Fi installation and usage free!!