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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Can I use Wi-Fi in the room ?

Yes, you can. You can access the Wi-Fi for free in every room. *Please ask the landlord for the WEP key (Password).

Q. Is there a refrigerator and a washing machine in the room ?

Yes, there is. But, 2F washing machine in front of bathroom Please use it.

Q. Do you accept credit cards ?

I’m afraid we don’t accept credit cards.

Q. Is there a convenience store nearby ?

Yes, there is. There is a “Family Mart”, 1 minute away by bike from the house and a “7-eleven” 7 minutes Away by bike.

Q. Is there an ATM machine nearby ?

Yes, there is. There is an ATM machine at the 7-eleven

Q. there a curfew ?

No, there’s no curfew. The house is open 24 hours.

Q. What is the transportation to the laboratory ?

In our boarding house, onry during winter’s heavy snow period, We operate a shuttle service from time to time.