English 日本語
Aomori's lowest boarding fee ! Foreign students are also welcome ! You can move in immediately with just a usage fee. Savor the exquisite cuisine of "guts mother" !
Aomoris first "foreign house" ! [NARITA HOUSE]


Welcome Ceremony

International students are also surprised !
A regular welcome ceremony for Narita house !

Farewell party

Narita house is full of various events !!
a) Enthusiastic welcome party
b) Emotional birthday party
c) Fantastic farewell party
d) White Christmas party

Aomori famous place tour

The landlord is a professional English tourist taxi driver !
There are many events throughout the seasons !!
Spring Hirosaki Sakura Festival,
Summer Nebuta Festival participation invitation,
Sightseeing in autumn at Hakkoda and Lake Towada,
Visit the swan in Asadokolo coast of winter.


Time to university or high school

a) (IRI), HIROSAKI University 5 minutes by bicycle / 15 minutes on foot.
b) AOMORI UNIVERSIY 20 minutes by bicycle.
c) Aomori University of Health and Welfare 15 minutes by bicycle.
d) Aomori Akenohoshi Junior College / Junior&High School 8 minutes by bicycle / 12 minutes on foot.
e) Aomori High School 5 minutes by bicycle / 8 minutes on foot.
f) Aomori Commercial High School 15 minutes by bicycle.
g) AOMORI YAMADA HIGH SCHOOL 12 minutes by bicycle.

Special services unique to NARITA HOUSE !!

a) You can use our boarding bicycle for free. Moreover, the bicycle parking lot is indoor without worrying about rain and snow!
b) Limited to snowy winter season ! We will send you to your school / commuting workplace by private car ! (As needed)